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What do I get?

A common question people ask it what’s included in the subscription payment.

With your subscription you are paying for license to use the VeraFlow name, logo, concept and choreography in your classes (according to the license agreement)

In addition you will get these benefits included at no extra charge:

  • Marketing of your classes on so people can find you
  • Choreography videos
  • Playlist on Spotify (we do not provide the music via download or on CD)
  • £10 bonus credit for each person you refer who registers for a training course (they just need to enter your email address at registration in the ‘referred by’ box). This credit will be used against your license subscription so in effect you could get your license for free! This is valid for registrations to both VeraFlow Basic workshops and VeraFlow Instructor training courses
  • Discounted use of (50% discount on annual subscriptions, saving you from £48.50 to £1,348.50!)
  • Free annual registration on worth £17 (plus the opportunity to receive £10 cash for every successful referral)
  • 1/3 off professional teacher/instructor membership with EMD
  • 5% off at Sound Dynamics
  • Ongoing support through educational videos
  • Instructor Forum
  • Access to choreography workshops
  • Possibility to become a VeraFlow Pro and eventually apply to become a VeraFlow Master

You will need to activate your license subscription after passing your VeraFlow instructor training.

We are always looking for new partners so please get in touch if you are interested in offering anything to our qualified VeraFlow Instructors!




In an ideal world what 1 benefit would you like to see added to the subscription package?

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