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The first ever VeraFlow training course!


Friday 24th April saw the first ever VeraFlow Instructor training course in Bolton, UK.

A group of 8 instructors who knew little or nothing about VeraFlow put great trust in me when they registered to become VeraFlow instructors. I was so excited to bring them this program which has developed out of my own journey.

VeraFlow is all about finding your true flow in both body and mind. When you can move without limitations and in freedom you can live each day without pain in your muscles. When you can focus on the now and what’s important in life you can live each day without hurt, worry and stress on your mind.


The attendees had all been through the online training before they joined me on the live training day. They study in a private area on the website and then take an assessment to check their knowledge. This is even before they get to the live part!

This means that we can maintain a great standard of VeraFlow classes
(they already have to have a fitness or dance qualification to even register) and a fantastic experience for all class participants (YOU!)

During the day we apply all the theory learned and go over all the stretches again in detail, correcting alignment and applying the different techniques so that instructors can build on the knowledge they already have to grow in confidence.

The mindfulness meditation and visualisation section was interesting – some people had never really experienced it before whilst others were already reaping the benefits. It provoked questions and discussions about what could come up during a class (sometimes pain in the body can result from emotional tension – but I’ll talk about that in another post).



Of course we had some surprises too! Vanessa Morris is our first VeraFlow Master and she joined us for the day. Here she is showcasing our freebie.


I’m so thankful for the wonderful women who have joined me on this magical VeraFlow journey. You can find their classes here.

Here are some of their comments following the training:

“As soon as I took part in a VeraFlow masterclass I decided there and then that I would be on the first instructors training course.




Not only is Naomi a fantastic instructors she has also created something so amazing that not only benefits you physically but mentally too.


The online training is a really good way of preparing you for the live training day. I felt that because I already had a knowledge of the stretches etc it enabled me to absorb more on the actual day.


Naomi has been really supportive throughout the whole process and is a truly inspirational woman.”
Karen Whitfield (Jarrow, UK)


“I recently attended the first VeraFlow training here in the UK. I had only watched a class before hand but was very excited for the training.


The day started with a masterclass which left me with a feeling that I’d never experienced before. I felt like I could float, de-stressed, energised and like I’d previously had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Old injuries have felt better ever since.


After the master class we studied all off the stretches, the choreography, mindfulness and put them into practice. The day was jam packed with activity and knowledge.


I left the training knowing I’d learnt so much, corrected my technique but most of all extremely excited about getting this amazing programme out there and back to my studio. I have nothing like this in my timetable and I know my customers are going to love this as much me.


A massive thank you to you Naomi, this is exactly what my body and mind have needed.”
Kath Schrouder (Birtley, UK)


“Attending the VeraFlow training was a watershed for me. After 10 years of teaching dance/fitness and P.T., I feel that I have finally found something original and perfectly suited to me and to many of my participants.


This class is relaxing, invigorating and fun at the same time and I really love the eclectic mix of music.


VeraFlow is taught by qualified instructors and this is reflected in the professionalism of the delivery. A fab class!”
Kate Charalambous  (Tournefeuille, France)




“VeraFlow training with the wonderful Naomi Di Fabio was everything and more than I hoped it would be.


The online assessment and pre-learning of the moves before the course really set me up for the training day which in itself was a full intense day of information and learning.


Naomi has a put together a well thought out and information training course that leaves you feeling confident and ready to take what I learnt into classes within a few weeks which is ideal!


Well done and thank you for bringing this wonderful fusion of dance, stretch and balance into my life and career!”

Lesley Cochrane (Fife, Scotland)


You can check out more from them and see how their classes are doing and their reactions over on our Facebook page.



Special thanks to Total Fitness in Bolton for hosting the training course and to Claire Hanson of Project Mayhem Events for arranging it in conjunction with her Ribby Hall fitness weekend.

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