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Karen Mckenzie Whitfield veraflow master trainer

Meet Karen. She loves mud and hates wearing socks…

“I fell in love with VeraFlow last November when I took part in a Masterclass with Naomi. I knew from that day that I was going to be on the first training course to become an instructor…

veraflow with vanessa morris scotland

Meet Vanessa!

I am so excited to have Vanessa Morris as one of our VeraFlow Masters! She is a fantastic person to represent us and is an amazing trainer. Let’s find out a little more about her. Vanessa was a… Read More

Masterclass vs class

What’s the difference between a masterclass and a regular class?

  Lots of people get confused about what a masterclass is compared with a regular weekly class. The difference is this: A masterclass is taught by a master of that discipline and these classes are generally one-off special… Read More