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Meet Karen. She loves mud and hates wearing socks…

Karen McKenzie Whitfield is our newest VeraFlow Master trainer and I’m delighted she’s joined the team! Let’s find out a little more about her.

Karen’s lifelong dream of owning her own dance school, training children for examinations and professional careers in dance was achieved when she opened Attic Studios. She was only 18 when she opened her dancing school and now runs a thriving business teaching dance and fitness to both children and adults.

Dance has always been her passion since she started as a teeny 2 year old (and I can imagine she was a little bit crazy and very energetic!) which then lead her to compete and perform in professional shows.

As a professional dancer and teacher some moments stand out above the rest for Karen:

  • Masterclasses with Wayne Sleep and Lee Proud (Choreographer of Billy Elliot) to name but a few.
  • Performing with Professional Ballet Companies as a child.
  • Choreographer for a local pop band which supported ‘Steps’ on tour.
  • Adjudicating dance competitions.
  • Soloist performer at the 2014 Great North Run ‘Millionth Runner’ Opening Ceremony.
  • Raising money for charities at local schools (E.g. leading Dance-a-Thons).


Although she loves performing, Karen’s main passion is being in the studio, teaching.


Here are some fun facts about her that I bet you don’t know (oh, ok unless you are her beautiful daughter or camera shy hubby!)

  • Shhh! She is a secret Elvis lover (although it really isn’t a secret!)
  • Her perfect date involves running a 10 mile obstacle course involving water, fire, electric fences and lots of MUD! (I don’t think she’s looking though guys… sorry)
  • She often participates in ‘Daughter/Mother’ challenges and never wins. (see photographic evidence…)

mum v daughter - karen mckenzie whitfield veraflow

  • There’s not much Karen doesn’t like but she hates wearing socks. (Just as well because we like bare feet in VeraFlow!)

karen cobra

So what does this mud-loving, sock-hating, dancer think about VeraFlow? In her own words:

“I fell in love with VeraFlow last November when I took part in a Masterclass with Naomi. I knew from that day that I was going to be on the first training course to become an instructor.

Why? Because it involves two of my favourite things, dancing and stretching!

I like to offer my clients a fitness opportunity which is refreshing and different to anything they may have experienced previously.

As with many other fitness programmes, it allows participants the chance to stretch, improve balance and posture, whilst developing coordination and concentration.

However, after my 60 minute VeraFlow class I gain great satisfaction in seeing that I have provided my clients quality time for themselves, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.”

Welcome Karen to the VeraFlow Master trainer team by leaving her a comment below and find her training dates and locations here.

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