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Are we out for your money?

Everyone’s heads are full of ‘Zumba’. It’s our benchmark in the industry now. Whether you like it or not you’re thinking, “is this going to be as big as Zumba? Is that going to get me as many people as Zumba? Is VeraFlow going to be out for my money? Are they going to treat me like Zumba does?…” I’m sure you have lots of other questions buzzing around your head too!

Every little thing that Zumba does – from the ZIN membership benefits, to the marketing, to their customer service is the plumb line to which people measure other programs.

So, is VeraFlow going to be like Zumba? In many ways the answer is a big fat NO!

VeraFlow is a very different concept. We are just starting out… but Zumba started somewhere too.

It wasn’t always the huge company it is today. When I started with Zumba as their first Zumba Education Specialist outside of the US there were only a handful of people in the small office – we all sat around one boardroom table for my first ZES meeting!

No-one here in the UK knew what Zumba was and the first few years were a struggle. Getting people in to try a new class that was quite alien to them was hard work.

If you were one of the first instructors you know exactly what I mean!

The instructors who jumped on the band-wagon when it was booming and everyone wanted to try Zumba had it easy. Sorry, but it’s true. All you had to do was to slap up a poster and start your classes in the local community centre and loads of people would turn up.

The tide is turning again and not all Zumba classes are heaving with people anymore. Of course some are. Classes in which the instructor has really connected with their participants, bringing a real sense of community and meaning to people are still thriving. Other instructors realised that offering something different to stand out and keep up with the ever-evolving fitness and dance industries is a must to keep ahead of the competition.

Zumba is now a huge company and they are able to drive their business forward with marketing and PR. The personal approach is lost and many instructors now say they feel like they are not valued anymore and that Zumba has strayed from its roots. This was of course bound to happen with such a big company.

With VeraFlow we see our instructors as people like you, with passion for what you do. People who genuinely want to make a difference in peoples’ lives and to hear participants saying ‘I feel so much more relaxed now’ and ‘I don’t have that pain in my hips anymore’… We want you to feel valued.

We have qualified instructors and we assess everyone who teaches VeraFlow. We value quality above quantity. We are not out for money and will not let everyone train to be an instructor. (Check our pre-requisites here).

VeraFlow makes a huge difference to peoples’ lives – just like Zumba has – and instructors who have a loyal following and believe in the value of VeraFlow will pass this on and teach successful and busy classes.

VeraFlow moves people to find their true flow.
People with tension in their bodies, people with pain in their muscles, people who want to live just one day without stress and pain.

I’ve personally seen people in just one class be released of stress-related pain. There were tears and then there was freedom and release from something that had kept that person in pain for years.

You will be moved. You will move.
You will find yourself and you will learn to move with freedom.

I can’t wait for you to bring this to the people around you. Want to try a class?

VeraFlow is the future. Just as people are moving away from the materialistic, they are looking for the holistic. They are looking for a complete experience. VeraFlow is a complete experience that will enhance your life and the lives of those you bring it too.

VeraFlow will capture your heart and you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing it with those around you. How do I know this? Because people who’ve tried it have told me. They can’t stop thinking about it!

Want to join me? It’s easy.
Click on the training tab and register now. Take as much time as you want and need to complete the online study (you’ll get me on your computer screen) and then join me or one of the other VeraFlow Masters on a live training day!

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You can check out more testimonials here.


Over to you!

Have you taken part in a VeraFlow class? What THREE words would you use to describe it?

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  1. I chose to let go with Veraflow…. Freedom,Magical,Inspiring….
    Thank you and gratitude.

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